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I can help you to experience the benefits of long-term wellness through alternative health solutions…


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My name is Nancy Wharton and I invite you to my well-being health sanctuary for empowering people to wellness through holistic, alternative and naturalist methods. I have over 12 years as a natural health practitioner having studied and gained qualifications as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Herbalist and Doctor of Naturopathy. 

I became involved in alternative health solutions having experienced first hand the effects of stress caused by our modern day lifestyle. A hectic lifestyle I expect, that is no different from many of you. I held down a responsible career, worked long hours and had time to do little else. 

I was stressed out… tired… lethargic… depleted…

Consequently, I experienced what can only be described as modern day illnesses. I was only in my late 20’s but I was constantly tired and completely drained at the end of each day.

Following numerous visits to my general practitioner and having blood tests, I was told I was suffering with depression. The medical solution was to take anti-depressants. With the greatest respect for the medical professional, I knew this wasn’t true. So, I began to research alternative methods. 

I wanted to find the root cause and deal with it;
not mask it with medication…
there had to be an alternative solution…

Having been recommended to an alternative practitioner and undertaking a health assessment, I was quickly provided a path to wellness to combat a virus they had identified in my body. I was given herbal remedies, which had an immediate and positive effect on my well-being. I felt well for the first time in years. My energy increased, my concentration improved and my zest for life came back again. 

I was amazed at the difference in me! Simple herbal remedies helped me experience wellness for the first time in years…

I was so astounded by the positive results achieved to our own health and well-being that I made the decision there and then to help as many people as possible to become healthier through holistic alternative assessment.

I have found that by following an alternative health solution many of the health issues, including indigestion, skin problems, depression, lethargy, weight imbalance and even one’s self-belief and image can respond positively, with tremendous results. 

I can help you to experience the benefits of

long-term wellness through alternative

health solutions…


To help you understand how alternative health solutions can help you right now, I have written a FREE e-book ‘Is Your Body System in Crisis?’ and you may download this immediately by adding your name and primary email address into the box on the right.

I look forward to helping you to a healthier and happier you! 

Regards, Nancy Wharton, ND, CNHP, DNM 

P.S. Need Immediate help? 

Book a Confidential ‘One to One’ Personal Health Assessment to find the root cause of your health issue and to discover an alternative health solution personally developed for you. Call me directly on 845/856.2260 or email: office@quantumwellnessinc.com to book a ‘one to one’ strictly confidential session. I promise I will respond to any messages or emails within 24-48 hours.

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My e-book “Is Your Body System in Crisis?” will help you to understand the natural alternative health solutions available to you right now.

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